Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sprints says No Thanks to the Nexus One

Looks like Sprint has dealt another blow to Google and its Flagship device, the Nexus One. Sprint has followed Verizon in rejecting the Nexus One from its network in favor of another device, The HTC EVO 4G. Sprint is the second company in weeks to dash the hopes of many customers by saying no to the Nexus One. This means for sure there will be no CDMA version of The Nexus One produced. As it stand T-mobile & AT&T are the only companies to allow the Nexus One to be sold for their respective networks and as it stands T-mobile is the only company to offer a subsidy for the purchase of a Nexus One. I personally own a N1 and I must say its ashamed more people will not get the opportunity to experience a great phone such as the Nexus One. As Im sure this is defiantly a blow to Google's plans for its "super phone" in the long run, Google created to the Nexus one to push the Android platform without having to rely on a carrier and/or manufacture to push the updates. So while my Nexus One enjoys 2.2 and Flash Player 10.1. The Evos & Incrediables of the world will have to sit back and watch.

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