Thursday, May 6, 2010

The LG Ally underwhelms, so far

If you have seen the commercials for the "new' Android smart phone from LG it may have left you wanting to know more about a phone tagged as "more than just a smart phone", but as the specs roll out on LG's newest addition to the Android lineup, it leaves one wondering if the good folks at LG woke up in that "Hot Tub Machine"? Because the specs for this phone, thus far, seem to be clearly out of 2008. The LG Ally boasts a 3.2" capacitive touch screen, 3.2 mega pixel camera (those are not typos), sliding QWERTY keypad, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, & sports Standard Android 2.1. There have been no word on the processor yet but with specs like these Im expecting a MSM528 straight out of a G1. The LG Ally has a release date of May 20th on Verizon. So get you sleeping bags and prepare to camp out in front of your nearest Verizon Wireless store to grab the new LG Ally, but you might wanna take a good book with because it might get lonely out there.

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